Tinted Glass

Having too much heat or light enter through the window can present as much of a problem as trying to keep heat in. Anyone who has installed a conservatory on a South facing wall will testify to the high temperatures they have to endure. Fortunately you do not have to sacrifice good energy efficiency to reduce the heat from the sun because we can combine both in one product.

Control of the sun's heat can be achieved in a number of ways. The most popular is by using a coloured glass which simply reduce incoming heat transmission. A similar effect can be achieved using a sandwich of glass with a tinted interlayer Pilkington Optilam™ I. For higher levels of performance a coated glass which can be either look clear or coloured such as the Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ and the Pilkington Suncool™ ranges.

You just need to decide what level of light transmission and solar heat reduction you require.

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