Noise Control Glass

Pilkington Optiphon™ is the ideal choice of glass for sound control in situations where there is excess noise from roads, rail, air traffic and other sources.  Using a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) specific interlayer, Pilkington Optiphon™ is a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction.

Pilkington Optilam™ is produced by combining two or more sheets of glass with PVB interlayers, and it is this lamination that enables it to offer impact protection and safety.  By varying the number of layers and thickness of the glass, it can offer wide-ranging benefits and be used in various applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Remains intact and breaks safely on impact, to reduce the risk of serious injury
  • Resists attack for longer as it remains bonded to the interlayer - specialist high performance security glass also available
  • Can be used in insulating glass units, for different combinations of benefits
  • Up to Class A impact performance to BS 6206
  • Up to Class 1(B)1 to BS EN 12600

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